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An Ideal Learn Accounting Guide for Students, Employees, Bookkeepers, and Small Businesses Owners.

Embark on a journey towards mastering accounting

with our comprehensive training program!

Our training transcends a mere collection of lessons;

instead, it represents a treasure trove of practical wisdom that is carefully crafted from real-world insights, savvy observations, and hands-on training shared by seasoned professionals who have gathered their expertise from real accounting practices.  

Starting with the Basic Concepts, Principles, and Terminology of Accounting, the course progressively elevates your knowledge to an intermediate level in a concise, practical, and user-friendly manner.

Meet Our Guides on the Journey

  • Get to know the Greengrocer Guissepe.
  • Journey back to 1496 and grasp the foundational concepts of double-entry bookkeeping from the pioneer Luca Pacioli himself.
  • And let’s not forget CIELA, your virtual guide to deeper understanding.

As you delve into the course, you’ll build your understanding step by step. At the outset, we focus on basic principles, and then progress gradually toward intermediate knowledge. 

Therefore our aim is to keep the learning experience concise, practical, and enjoyable.

Furthermore, following the lessons, you will encounter assessment questions designed for self-assessment, alongside detailed reviews to facilitate a comprehensive understanding.

Are You Ready to Learn Together?

Mastering these concepts isn't rocket science.
In fact, a solid grasp of the fundamental principles is all it takes to excel.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll learn:

Answers to your Questions

✔ What are the fundamental principles of Accounting?

✔ How does the double-entry Bookkeeping system operate?

✔ Which distinctions exist between Assets and Liabilities? 

✔ What are Debtors and Creditors? 

✔ How do Non-Current and Current Assets, as well as Liabilities, differ? 

✔ What sets Cash Basis apart from Accrual Basis Accounting?

✔ Can you explain the Accounting Equation?

✔ Which metrics are used to assess Financial Ratios? 

✔ Could you elaborate on Depreciation and its calculation method?

✔ What comprises the various Financial Statements?

✔ Could you define Equity?

✔ What steps are involved in calculating Gross Profit?

✔ Definition of GAAP?

✔ How does an Income Statement, or Profit and Loss Statement, function?

✔ What objectives does a Balance Sheet serve?

We make Accounting easy for you! 

Dive into the world of
Accounting with our

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