Avitus Accounting 101


Lost or battling in your Accounting Studies?

Forget expensive complicated Text Books. Avitus Accounting 101 will help to fill the gaps and attain a better understanding of Accounting Concepts and Principles.


High School Teachers and College Lecturers can use Avitus Accounting 101 as an additional Learning Aid.

Business Owners

Business Owners will attain a better understanding of the importance of Accounting and be able to communicate on a professional level with their Accountant.


Bookkeepers will gain a better understanding of Accounting Concepts and improve their confidence levels.

Avitus has pioneered the 1st Online Accounting Training Software providing for Online Self-Assessment, Multiple Choice, “T” Account and other Course specific Questions.

All Tests have a Minimum Pass Rate and progress to the Next Lesson is restricted until the required Pass Rate has been attained for the Questions of the Current Lesson.

Tests can be Reviewed multiple times until the required Pass Rate has been attained.

Avitus Accounting 101 provides a Concise, Practical and User-friendly approach to the Concepts & Principles of Accounting up to an intermediate level of knowledge

You progress at your own pace and receive a Certificate of Completion after completion of the course.

You can download the course overview here:

Download Accounting 101 Overview

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